About John Michael Steffensen and his family
Wednesday, December 11, 2019 9:44 PM

This family tree was started when Elaine from Australia posted a message on DIS-forum asking for help to find information about her grandfather's family in Denmark.

Here is Elaine's initial post:

I am looking for information on my Grandfathers family, My Grandfathers name was John Mikael Steffensen and he was born in Randers Denmark on 20/12/1890 he left Denmark and came to Australia when he was 15. According to his war records (1917) he has his parents living at Randers Denmark, however on his 1942 second world war records he states their place of living as Paramose Denmark and has his fathers name as Peter and his mothers name as Jensine (we all believed his mothers name to be Marie until I saw he stated her name as Jensine on his war records). Karen Petersen my grandfathers sister wrote to him in 1918 and she mentions in her letter a sister Agnes born 14/10/1906 and they had a brother called Axel. The address Karen wrote from was Lorentzgade 7II Randers, my grandfathers parents also wrote to him a month before from the same address. Unfortunately we don't have a lot of information on my Grandfathers family and being new at looking into the family history would welcome some hints on how and where to look. We would like to find out what happened to his parents and sisters and brother any information would be greatly appreciated. Any information can also be emailed to (please contact the administrator)

Thanking you Elaine

Most of the information here is the result of Gitte Johansen's work trawling the parish records in Randers County.

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